About Us


Our Team

We are a highly experienced team of professionals and a close-knit group of friends who share a common vision: offering a memorable experience of Florence & Tuscany through high-quality private tours.

We are fully licensed guides and hold higher degrees in various fields of humanities. We speak several languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

We deeply love the art, history and culture of our land. Our work consists of sharing our passion and knowledge with you. We look forward to meeting you in Florence and creating great memories for years to come.

Antonia, Juliane, Luca, Tanya, Angelo, Olivera    Core Docents

Antonia, Juliane, Luca, Tanya, Angelo, Olivera

Core Docents


Our Philosophy

The most recurring compliment from our clients is that our tours are not dry lectures, but engaging conversations.

We have a sense of place and pride in our city. We believe the beauty that was created here is special. We want you to understand how it happened.

In a city where even corners have names, stories abound. We tell you a story of towers and palaces, churches and squares; of artists and rulers, builders and destroyers; of men and women, rich and poor. We tell you the story of a people and their city.

We present you with facts and details to which you can relate. Some colorful anecdotes are too fun to pass; but we always point out what is fact and what isn’t.

And if you travel with children, we make sure the stories we tell capture them too, because their imagination is the ultimate beauty.

Simone Gaddini, founder